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Digital Mesh, IoT all on Their Way

Every day seems to bring about more and more interaction with our devices: smart phones well they are just getting smarter and IT technology is constantly evolving. so what do the experts  expect from 2016.

One of the latest emerging trends is the ‘digital mesh’. this is being announced as one of the most important strategic technologies of the future. Leading us forward into the digital mesh is the company Gartner and their vice president who has been quoted as saying, “In the post-mobile world the focus shifts to the mobile user who is surrounded by a mesh of devices extending well beyond traditional mobile devices,” explained David Cearley, Vice president.

The Digital mesh and other technological trends for the future

The digital mesh will look to how we communicate via everything available and how that all comes together providing us with the Information of Everything. Using this is when strategic planners will have to find a way to identify the relevant and pertinent information they need for the every growing information tsunami. So we will be looking to see new business design and algorithms to help businesses corporations and  everyone else move forward. This lead us directly to a increasingly used term, the Internet of Things or IoT. the amount of data collected via this is tremendous and will generate a knock on effect in how we apply it. control it, manage and use it.

Advantages of Organic Bedroom Furniture – Part 1

Continuing with our last blog post about going green and eco-friendly, I decided to talk about certain specific things which we can start doing ourselves to help make a change and we start with switching/opting for organic furniture, organic bedroom furniture to be specific for this post.

Uniquely designed furniture can magnify the beauty of your homes many folds. Your furniture can make your home look impressive and make them punch above their heights. Especially when it comes to furnishing your bedrooms, some additional thoughts have to be spared as it is the place where your pleasant dreams dwell. It is your comfort zone where you feel like a king, hence customizing your bedroom furniture which does you and the environment no harm is what you should be looking for. And for that, nothing is more hygienic and safe than organic furniture.


Furniture made from some materials like synthetic, plastic, or metal can have some health hazards. Wherever you bring this type of furniture to your home, you also bring with them tons of harmful chemicals which are coated over them. Furniture industry simply cannot thrive without treating the furniture with preservatives and chemicals to give them an enhanced look, and add years to their lifespan as well. But organic furniture for your bedroom, like beddings, cabinets, mattresses, and linen are devoid of any poisonous chemicals and pose no health concerns.



Organic furniture is eco-friendly in character as they do not ooze with or excrete deadly chemicals which thrash the green fiber of your environment. Their raw materials are grown naturally and organically without any interference from pesticides and chemicals, which during the course of time breakdown and pollute our water, soil, or air. In fact organic material like bamboo helps in purifying the air from carbon dioxide and pushes our world to go green. Along with bamboo and wood there are certain natural fibers used for furniture which are grown without the heed of pesticides like cotton, and flax.

A World Language

Gr8 World Language

Gr8 World Language

How the world and modern society has changed with the invention of the mobile telephone, but really the art of talking or speaking on the telephone was quickly replaced with the use of mobiles, to send text messages or “SMS” short messaging service. Sarkasmus

I believe that cultural barriers, and access to the English language have been opened up, purely by the phenomenon of SMS, and you may not believe it but, it was only twenty years ago that the first text message was sent. A whole new language has evolved and shortened versions of common words have become the language of the world. To the extent today that short messages are one of the biggest communication tools of the modern world and even a giant media tool like in the form of Twitter.

As with all things that are simple to use and cultural barrier free, the simple text message is used by all the people of the world, about seven billion of them. The language barrier has been broken, with abbreviations and slang used by people of all nations and countries. Thanks to simple text messages, we can all communicate together as one big world.

Tech Changes Everwhere

One of the most interesting things I find about modern society is the use of technology and how it either simplifies or makes life more difficult. Cultures of the world have evolved in different ways whilst the west and Europeans have become intellectual sophisticated and modern societies, we still have tribes in Africa living in mud huts and Eskimos living in Igloo’s, although a TV and a I pad are a must have.

But even the tribes living on the African savannah have embraced modern society, to an amazing extent just to simplify their existence in the modern world. Mobile phones have become the irreplaceable and most important item in their lives. The African tribal people have embraced mobile banking like a friend, and if you think about it there are not many ATM’s or banks in the plans of Africa.

How does he have coverage?

How does he have coverage?