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A ‘Tech Geek’ Christmas List.

Ok I have succumbed to the lure of Christmas and thought I would add my list for those who might wish to know….

  • Oh yea I am a Back to the Future veteran and who would not want a hoverboard or an electric hands free scooter (what!!) ? Well I do and I do not want a helmet with it.!!

  • As many of the New Star Wars gadgets as I can have – to add to my old collection. I have an original Darth Vader head to keep my figures in.
Fantastic...just fantastic Death Star in lego

Isn’t this great?

  • While I am at it this jumper would be just me! Do they have it in any other colour?
Star Wars Jumper in Red with snowflakes

Yea Perfect!

  • The penultimate would be (for me) some top quality headphones like the Sony MDR-1RBT. Really nice piece of equipment.
Sony MDR-1RBT - top notch headphone

A very nice handful

The final and ultimate present for me would be a drone but I would want the full monty, the gimbal, onboard processing and camera. Oh yea only the best. i plan to review these at some point but I really would like my own to experience what I will be writing about – who am I kidding, I want to fly one! They are tremendous.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus coming in under a thousand...well worth it.