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The office of the future

What Should we Expect to FInd in the Office of the Future?

According to “The Jetsons” creators, people in the 60’s thought that in the future the skies would be filled with flying cars and robotic maids at home. Although it is hard to predict what exactly the future holds, it can be fun speculating where current trends are taking people. But one thing is for sure, the office of the future will be very different. First, going to the office will no longer be a requirement at work. Remote working is going to continue growing, and several companies across the globe have already established remote structures in a bid to keep overhead costs low. Other companies are using this type of structure to offer their employees freedom and the benefits of life balance that is acquired when working from home. Instant communication, smartphones, video conferencing and easy WiFi access are elements that seem to suggest that the remote office concept will be the norm in the future and employees can choose their place to work, experiencing no more problems with noise distraction when working remotely. Also, people should also expect to see renewed efforts on sustainability. More and more companies are already focusing on going green and strictly developing sustainability analysis of the workplaces. In the future, offices and workspaces, in general, will be expected to adhere to strict environmental footprint regulations. Therefore there will be an increase in paperless operations, reusable dishes, energy efficient office equipment and more. While predictions are just that; predictions, you can use the imagery of the office of the future to re-evaluate your current setup, and there are many predictions come true such as video conferencing. All in all, preparing for the future can be as simple as an update of office equipment.