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A Positive Growing Trend

Sustainability -going green, protecting our environment and ourselves from ourselves.

Whilst I have been focusing on a fair amount of technological advances it would be fair to say I am on the fence regarding some of them – although I try not to be judgemental in my approach. A personal issue for me is the world we are living in and how we treat it. Sustainable, eco-friendly, zero waste, resuable, recycle and fair trade; all words that can used to describe this trend. This is not a passing fab but a growing philosophy within manner of our industries. An awareness that the carbon footprint with are creating is far too big and is destroying our world both gradually and in some cases frightening rapidly.

What can we do about this? To answer that question in one post would send anyone reading it to sleep, it would be so long, what I am thinking is over a period of time I will write different posts on aspects of this phenomenon, interspese with my other stuff of course. To whett your appetite so to speak what sort of things will I be looking at, well they will include:

  • Sustainable/ eco- fashion – how designers and companies are getting on board with this. How that craziest of trends, fashion, is getting firmly on board with sustainability.
  • Recycling – this is something that has been around for a long time but new initiatives are always coming out, I will focus on that aspect.
  • Fair Trade – part of sustainability is not just about the product or the raw materials it is about the people who make them, how they make them. Preserving traditional methods and ensuring all people receive fair treatment in work and in pay.
  • Global sustainable development goals – these goals were advanced to help achieve the following sustainable development standards by 2015, maybe time to follow up on these.
  • Going Green – how we protect our enviroment and ourselves from ourselves.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestion re the above. No promises to how often I will concieve a post but I will certainly be considering these aspects when looking at deveolpments.