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Broadband for Everyone

A more personal note today: Living in a major city, I never question the availability of technology and, crucially, the connectivity of my devices to the internet. Having instant connection is so vital for my daily life, as for most of yours I guess. I am not only thinking about communicating with family and friends and being able to do work-related tasks on the go. But, of course, it is also hugely important for participating in the cultural life — just think about easy access to music and creative text or instant access to information about everything that is going on wherever you are.

Last week, however, I found myself in a rural area in Scotland and, for the first time in years, found myself without any connection. No refreshing or reconfiguration helped, nor any attempts as waving my phone high up in the air. And I must admit, I felt a bit lost.

Mobile connection UK

Where would I get information from about the area I was in? I am trying to make a point of going to cultural events wherever I go, both to broaden my horizon and to support the local cultural life. No access to the internet meant I couldn’t do that. I know that the Scottish government has a grand-scheme plan to get all of Scotland on to broadband but 2020 is still quite a long way away.

This made me wonder once again how strongly intertwined our lives are with technology and failure of the latter really stuffs us up. Even though I lived in times when the internet was not around at all, by now even I am lost without it.

A World Language

Gr8 World Language

Gr8 World Language

How the world and modern society has changed with the invention of the mobile telephone, but really the art of talking or speaking on the telephone was quickly replaced with the use of mobiles, to send text messages or “SMS” short messaging service. Sarkasmus

I believe that cultural barriers, and access to the English language have been opened up, purely by the phenomenon of SMS, and you may not believe it but, it was only twenty years ago that the first text message was sent. A whole new language has evolved and shortened versions of common words have become the language of the world. To the extent today that short messages are one of the biggest communication tools of the modern world and even a giant media tool like in the form of Twitter.

As with all things that are simple to use and cultural barrier free, the simple text message is used by all the people of the world, about seven billion of them. The language barrier has been broken, with abbreviations and slang used by people of all nations and countries. Thanks to simple text messages, we can all communicate together as one big world.