Digital Mesh, IoT all on Their Way

Every day seems to bring about more and more interaction with our devices: smart phones well they are just getting smarter and IT technology is constantly evolving. so what do the experts  expect from 2016.

One of the latest emerging trends is the ‘digital mesh’. this is being announced as one of the most important strategic technologies of the future. Leading us forward into the digital mesh is the company Gartner and their vice president who has been quoted as saying, “In the post-mobile world the focus shifts to the mobile user who is surrounded by a mesh of devices extending well beyond traditional mobile devices,” explained David Cearley, Vice president.

The Digital mesh and other technological trends for the future

The digital mesh will look to how we communicate via everything available and how that all comes together providing us with the Information of Everything. Using this is when strategic planners will have to find a way to identify the relevant and pertinent information they need for the every growing information tsunami. So we will be looking to see new business design and algorithms to help businesses corporations and  everyone else move forward. This lead us directly to a increasingly used term, the Internet of Things or IoT. the amount of data collected via this is tremendous and will generate a knock on effect in how we apply it. control it, manage and use it.

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