The Tablet Revolution

The Tablet Revolution is here and it looks like it is here to stay. When the first gen iPad was launched, a lot of people thought it would be stupid to spend so much money on a gadget that was not as functional as a laptop, was not as mobile as a phone and was just somewhere in the middle. But, what the iPad proved was that there is a huge necessity for a gadget that is more useful than a phone, without being as large and cumbersome as a laptop.

iPad 1st generation

Following the iPad’s success, a number of companies have launched their own version of the popular tablet-some with better features than the iPad as well. These tablets come in a whole variety of sizes- the smaller ones (usually 6 to 7 inches) tend to be more portable, whereas some people opt for the larger ones (between 8.3″ to 10 inches) because they tend to have better visuals and are good replacement for laptops.

Tablets have become popular among school and university students who have to carry their gadgets around everywhere- especially since the increase in the number of educational apps on the tablets. It’s certainly a revolution most people can get behind- as it is like owning a laptop, but as Ferratum UK explains, it is much cheaper to buy- your loans would be much less too!

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