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A Rollback to Basics is Needed

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Have you dealt with these new operating systems lately? The newest OS for Windows is so complicated that it requires half of your hardware’s space and memory to even operate properly. Then there are the multiple windows, the desktop screen that’s separate from the item menu, and the complicated search features. And what Mac’s putting out isn’t any better or any less complicated. A move toward social, wherein practically every feature is a pop-up window that becomes as annoying as a real website pop-up. Let’s try to go back to basics!

I can remember Windows XP and how I absolutely loved that OS and resisted change for as long as I could. Vista was a disaster, and 7 was simply an improved version of Vista. And as soon as 7 started becoming the industry standard, Windows mucked things up again with 8. It’s not that creating a new OS is inherently bad. It’s good to try to change. But why must these companies keep trying to push the envelope with user features?

The end result is an OS that’s muddy, buggy, requires too much processing power, and that requires a tech to actually use it efficiently. If they want something revolutionary, maybe they should rollback to the days of simplicity.