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Bits and Bobs for the Years End

HP Sprout Touch Mat changing computer usage dramatically

HP SProut Tocuh Mat

Like many others, (I don’t think I alone in this) I have been writing out my fantasy Christmas list, you know the one where if you had all the money you want what would you buy list. For me near the top after the luxury car would be the HP Sprout Touch Mat, it looks wonderful, practical, and easy to use, the total package, cannot wait to own it as this will be within the realm of feasible to buy quite soon I would think. It is actually listed as the seventh in the top ten list of new technologies for 2014 for me it would be much higher. The other technological step forward that interested me personally is the Google contact lenses that monitor blood sugar. My sister is diabetic and something like this would make managing her diabetes so much easier.

Google samrt contact lens to monitor blood sugar levels

Seeing tech companies like Google using their resources to develop health tools is interesting.  Their other major innovation is the cancer detecting pill, not for the markets yet but Google are looking to change the face of Healthcare.  I wonder how the drug companies feel about techs incursion into their monopoly. The dynamics and economics of this will be very interesting to monitor. Keep an eye on Google X the division making the innovations.

Just one last comment on the tech list; anyone else keen on owning a hoverboard or is that just my thing?? I still remember my old skateboard and watching Marty in Back to the Future and wanting a hoverboard then now it’s a reality

Marty on the hoverboard Back to the Furture 2

Couldn’t resist!