Monthly Archives: October 2014

Revolution comes quick

I went out to the dinner with some friends the other night who are both academics, and they started reminiscing about how they use to spend hours on IRC chat rooms, back then a revolutionary way to communicate. Soon after that they were shown this new thing called the world wide web – although they could only talk to CERN and one American university. This was the early 90’s, and I’ve once again thought about how quick we’ve progressed since then and where we might go.

These days most generations are surrounded by the internet, it plays a huge role in how we communicate, how we see the world and how the world sees us. But for most adults it is something they chose to start interacting with at a reasonably educated age, not so younger generations  There is growing debate over the internet legacy children unwittingly create that will stay with them through their lives, it’s not so easy to just grow up and move on anymore, so I believe we need to either change the way we access technolgy, or we change the way we perceive people.

creating online identity starts early

Just think as a parent, the internet legacy you create for your child now, from the very first ultra sound online profiles are being created for good without the permission of the person. Will we get to the point in the future where children grow up and start suing there parents for copyrught infringement. As a society we need to start thinking about this. I for one will consider carefully from now on including anyone else in my online life.